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Establishing Community Ethics in Internet and Networked Systems Research

Bendert Zevenbergen ( Oxford Internet Institute )

Ethical dilemmas in Internet engineering research have been a topic of increasing debate over the last few years. As the Internet is becoming increasingly pervasive in people’s lives, networked systems research projects are collecting increasingly sensitive data on individuals, or affecting people in previously unknown ways. A discrepancy exists between human subject research - where there are relatively strict and broadly-understood ethical traditions – and networked systems research where (a) the consideration of these issues is relatively new, and (b) the existing best practices from other fields don't easily translate. This project consists of several multidisciplinary workshops on both sides of the Atlantic that will lead to ethical guidelines, a policy paper, and a comprehensive research website.

Speaker bio

Bendert Zevenbergen joined the Oxford Internet Institute in 2012 to work on the EU Internet Science project. He has worked on legal, political and policy aspects of the information society for several years. Most recently he was a policy advisor to an MEP in the European Parliament, working on Europe's Digital Agenda. Previously Bendert worked as an ICT/IP lawyer and policy consultant in the Netherlands. Bendert holds a degree in law, specialising in Information Law.

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