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You had me at Hello, World: 1:1 Mentoring with the Leaders of Tech

Dona Sarkar ( Microsoft )

What do tech leaders at Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Facebook, advise their mentees on in private 1:1 sessions? The formula for guaranteed success in the tech industry, of course! Dona Sarkar will walk through 5 pieces of advice with practical examples and suggestions they shared with her, along with a preview of what the next 10 years of tech will bring.

Speaker bio

Dona Sarkar is an engineering manager at Microsoft. She joined the company in 2005 and currently leads a team of engineers to build the central hardware and driver signing service for the Windows brand. She has more than 12 years of experience in the tech industry and has been involved in building products and customer experiences that are used by more than a billion people, starting from Oracle databases to multiple versions of Windows, OneDrive and Windows Phone.



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