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EPR Steering: Quantification and multipartite entanglement detection

Paul Skrzypczyk ( University of Bristol )

Einstein-Polodsky-Rosen Steering is a form of quantum nonlocality in between entanglement and Bell nonlocality, where, in a bipartite setting, the lab of one party is full characterised (like in the entanglement scenario) whilst the other is completely uncharacterised (like in the Bell nonlocality scenario). In this talk I will present recent results on how one can operationally quantify the amount of steering in an experiment, in analogy to how entanglement and nonlocality are quantified, and present results on the steerability of notable classes of states. I will then discuss how one can move beyond the bipartite scenario, to steering in multipartite scenarios, and show that one can test for the presence of the different types of an entanglement, including genuine multipartite entanglement, in a semi-device-independent manner. 



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