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Shop Direct: the evolution of our infrastructure toward GPU computing for deep learning

George Cushen, Data Scientist and Seb Carss, Principle Systems Engineer

Abstract: From mail order to becoming a world class pureplay etailer, we are reimagining retail for our 4 million annual customers. Get insight into how we are leveraging cloud GPUs for deep learning to increase discovery of relevant products and transform how data scientists accelerate research. Learn how we are evolving to embrace microservices to become more agile and foster innovative ways of getting our products, services, and experiences to customers at scale. Finally, what is the future for retail technology and has the time finally come for FPGAs?


Speaker Bio:

George Cushen: Data Scientist

George Cushen is a data scientist at Shop Direct. George focusses on computer vision, deep learning, and augmented reality challenges and holds a PhD from the University of Southampton. In his spare time, he enjoys CrossFit and maintaining open source projects, sometimes simultaneously!


Seb Carss: Principle Systems Engineer

Seb Carss is Principle Systems Engineer who has worked for Shop Direct for over 10 years. Seb has spent time working with the CRM application before moving into Ecommerce and building a custom CMS using the ATG ecommerce framework. He is currently focused on transforming the Shop Direct teams to true verticals as well as migrating Shop Direct's application from a monolith to microservices. Seb used to work as a chef and in his spare time he likes to research molecular gastronomy and create dishes that trick the senses, such as an 'egg and soldiers' dessert.




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