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Robot Rules: Regulating Artificial Intelligence

Jacob Turner

Over the next 10-20 years, AI will raise legal questions in three areas: responsibility, rights, and ethics. Who or what should be liable if AI causes harm, or own the IP if AI creates new inventions? Should AI rights ever be protected? How can we create and enforce moral codes for AI? Jacob Turner will argue that the first step in answering any of these questions is not to write new rules, but rather to design the institutions which can create them. In this lecture Jacob will aim to clarify the problems we face and go on to present a blue-print for how they can be solved. 

Speaker bio

Jacob Turner is barrister and author. His forthcoming book, Robot Rules: Regulating Artificial Intelligence (Springer, 2018) discusses how to address legal responsibility, rights, and ethics for AI. He has recently been quoted on regulating AI in publications including The Economist and Al Jazeera. As a lawyer Jacob has acted for sovereign states including Argentina, Greece, Russia and Iraq. He is a former UK Supreme Court Clerk to Lord Mance, with whom he co-authored a leading practitioner text book: Privy Council Practice (Oxford University Press, 2017). Jacob holds law degrees from Oxford University and Harvard. He has taught at Oxford, and King's College London and published numerous articles on international law.

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