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Designing digital security for all: why an inclusive security approach matters

Lizzie Coles-Kemp ( Royal Holloway, University of London )

Since its inception, the security paradigm underpinning the protection of digital technology has been the domain of specialists. Research also shows that it is a security paradigm that non-specialists often find abstract, obscure and difficult to relate to. In this talk I argue that engaging with the protection of digital technology from the viewpoint of the security of people and society creates a more inclusive approach to digital security and a digital security paradigm for everyone. Using a case study, I set out digital security design principles that can be used to develop inclusive approaches digital security.

Speaker bio

Professor in Information Security at Royal Holloway, University of London. Lizzie is a qualitative researcher who uses creative engagement methods to explore everyday practices of information production, protection, circulation, curation and consumption within and between communities. She took up a full-time academic post in 2008 and prior to joining Royal Holloway University of London she worked for 18 years as an information security practitioner. Lizzie’s focus is the intersection between perceptions and narratives of individual and community security and technological security. Her research specialises in public and community service design and consumption. Lizzie is currently an EPSRC research fellow with a research programme in everyday security and digital service design.

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