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Multiparty Privacy (plus other security and privacy research)

Jose Such

In this talk, I will briefly introduce some of my previous and ongoing security and privacy research projects. I will then focus on one of these projects: multiparty privacy. Privacy is not just about what an individual user discloses about herself, it also involves what others (e.g. her friends) may disclose about her. Multiparty privacy is concerned with information pertaining to several individuals and the conflicts that arise when the privacy preferences of these individuals differ. In particular, I will go through the research we have been doing on multiparty privacy applied to social media and the future challenges in general in this field.

Speaker bio

Dr Jose M Such is Reader in Security and Privacy at King’s College London and Director of the KCL Cybersecurity Centre, an EPSRC-NCSC Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR). Dr Such was Senior Lecturer at King’s College London from 2016 to 2018, and before that, he was Lecturer at Lancaster University from 2012 to 2016. His research interests are at the intersection between Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Human-Computer Interaction. He has been principal investigator for a number of projects funded by research councils (EPSRC, InnovateUK), industry (Google) and government (UK Government, NCSC).

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