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Hybrid quantum-classical computation and Clifford Magic circuits

Sergii Strelchuk ( DAMTP, University of Cambridge )

Given the difficulty of building and controlling large numbers of qubits, early applications of quantum algorithms are likely to involve both quantum and classical ingredients. One of the most active areas of quantum computing investigates the fundamental limits of computation which could be carried out in these systems by studying the trade-off possibilities between classical and quantum resources. In my talk I will first discuss recent progress in this area: a) a Pauli-based computing model by Bravyi et al. and b) a class of hybrid quantum-classical ‘variational’ algorithms. Then I will introduce a computational model of unitary Clifford circuits with solely magic state inputs (‘Clifford Magic’ circuits) supplemented by classical efficient computation, and will prove an extended Gottesman-Knill theorem. I will further discuss the implications of achieving quantum advantage using Clifford Magic circuits.



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