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Focus on Your Malware, Not Infrastructure

Omri Moyal ( Minerva Labs )

Malware analysis is one of the most exciting yet daunting tasks in the security research world. A typical researcher spends countless hours and sometimes days to dissect malware and exploits. To keep up the pace (and sanity) many automation tools have been built to help with different kind of tasks. Usage of such tools brings a massive problem of maintaining working and secure infrastructure. An infrastructure often operated in very hostile environments. This problem causes researchers to spend too much of their time and resources on the infrastructure instead of spending it on their target goal. In this talk, we will learn how every malware analyst can start rapidly using serverless technology to make their life easier. We will dive into a serverless open source project called MalScanBot. Learn how it was built and how it can be used as a template for many other interesting project. Because as a researcher you should always  Focus on your malware, Not Infrastructure.

Speaker bio

Omri Co-Founder and VP Research at Minerva Labs. Prior to this, he served as CTO of ClearSky Cybersecurity, where he led the development and implementation of a widespread cyber intelligence monitoring network and was head of the Incident Response Team. In his previous roles Omri gained global experience and extensive expertise in reverse engineering, malware research and testing advanced malware solutions in both laboratory and enterprise production environments. Omri served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Intelligence Unit and studies for a BSc in Computer and Information Sciences.

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