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GeoAI for CAV: an Ordnance Survey perspective

Stefano Cavazzi ( Ordnance Survey )

The scientific field of geospatial artificial intelligence (GeoAI) was recently formed from combining innovations in spatial science with the rapid growth of methods in artificial intelligence (AI), particularly machine learning (e.g., deep learning), data mining, and high-performance computing to glean meaningful information from spatial big data. GeoAI is an interdisciplinary field, spanning several scientific subjects including computer science, engineering, statistics, and spatial science. In this seminar talk, we will explore current research work undergoing at Ordnance Survey and partner universities in unlocking the potential of GeoAI in the connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) sector.

Speaker bio

Dr Stefano Cavazzi is a Principal Innovation and Research Scientist at Ordnance Survey where he leads the development of GIS and geomatics research programmes. He holds a PhD from the University of Cranfield and spent the last fifteen years working in the geospatial sector in both academia and industry specialising in geospatial data science. At the Geo IoT World Awards 2018 a team led by Stefano won the GeoData Intelligence award for developing an autonomous decision-making support system for emergency responders.

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