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Red, Blue and everything inbetween

Tom Heenan
This seminar aims to highlight why the defensive side of security will always be playing catch up to the offensive side.

Through demonstrating real world techniques used both ‘in the wild’ and on client engagements, Ruptura InfoSecurity will highlight how even simple custom tooling can defeat the most up to date defensive technologies.

Speaker bio

Tom is an IT security expert, specialising in offensive security in particular. He holds many industry certifications such as OCSP, OSCE, CREST and has a 1st class degree in Ethical Hacking and Network Security.

Tom is the Director of Ruptura InfoSecurity, a company focused on penetration testing and advanced persistent threat (APT) simulation. Continuously proving himself to be one of the go to guys in this area of IT Security, Tom has worked with both the UK government and major multinational organisations to help improve their security posture.

From early on in his career, Tom noticed that he had a particular talent for writing tools and malware to covertly compromise systems. By using these tools on client engagements, Tom is able to simulate advanced threat actors by emulating techniques that are used ‘in the wild’.

In this seminar, Tom will discuss why some of these offensive techniques are so successful, whilst highlighting how difficult it is for a defensive capability to detect them.

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