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Cyber Security Mini-Deep Dive: The evolution of the authentication market

Kanika Thapar

Data breaches are today one of the biggest threats to businesses. Globally, a data breach cost companies $3.86 million per incident. And the leading cause is stolen credentials. With so many remote workers outside of company walls, the world has seen a sharp rise in phishing and targeted attacks. Strong authentication has proven to be the most effective protection against these threats. But the evolution of strong authentication was a long journey around protocols, deployments and improvements. Join this webinar to understand the state of the authentication market, trends and opportunities.

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Speaker bio

Kanika Thapar believes in the power of empathy while building products. She started her career coding on firewalls, then founded a startup in the consumer mobile marketplace space where she led product, customer acquisition and fundraising, and then returned to Security. She has a deep passion for cyber security, design and ecosystems, especially the startup and investment ecosystem. She currently works as director of product at Yubico Inc, the leader in hardware authenticators. In her spare time, she helps Oxonian founders through the Oxford Entrepreneurs Network and the Oxford Angel Fund and is always looking for the next game-changing cybersecurity product.



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