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Communication Optimisation and Progress in Multiparty Session Types

Nobuko Yoshida ( Imperial College )

This talk first introduces multiparty session types for asynchronous interactions, and then summarises its recent extensions to ensure global progress and safe communication optimisation. The multiparty session theory introduces a new notion of types in which interactions involving multiple peers are directly abstracted as a global scenario. This idea comes from the abstract version of Web Services Choreography developed under W3C WS-CDL group. A global type plays the role of "a shared agreement" among communication peers, and is used as a basis of efficient type checking through its projection onto individual peers. The fundamental properties of the session type discipline such as communication safety and session fidelity are established for general n-party asynchronous interactions. On-going collaborations with academia and industry partners under the session type theory are summarised at the end of the talk.

[1] Multiparty Asynchronous Session Types (POPL'08), joint Work with Kohei Honda and Marco Carbone
[2] Global Progress Dynamically Interleaved Multiparty Sessions (CONCUR'08), joint work with Lorenzo Bettini, Mario Coppo, Loris D'Antoni, Marco De Luca, Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini
[3] Global Principal Typing in Partially Commutative Asynchronous Sessions (ESOP'09), joint work with Dimitris Mostrous and Kohei Honda



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