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On Higher-Order Algebra

Marcelo Fiore ( Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge )

The purpose of this talk is to give an overview of recent work by myself
and students on a mathematical theory of higher-order algebraic structure.

Specifically, I will introduce a conservative extension of universal
algebra and equational logic from first to second order that provides a
model theory and formal deductive system for languages with variable
binding and parameterised metavariables.  Mathematical theories
encompassed by the framework include the (untyped and typed) lambda
calculus, predicate logic, integration, etc.

Subsequently, I will consider the subject from the viewpoint of
categorical algebra and introduce the concept of second-order algebraic
theory.  Theory morphisms lead to a mathematical definition of syntactic
translation that formalises notions such as encodings and transforms in
the context of languages with variable binding.


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