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The Expressiveness of Metric Temporal Logic II: This time it's irrational!

Paul Hunter
In the first installment of "The Expressiveness of Metric Temporal Logic" [1] we saw how Metric Temporal Logic (MTL) - an extension of Linear Temporal Logic with timing constraints on the modal operators - has the same expressive power as first order logic when the timing constants are rational. In this talk we consider the case when irrational constants can be used. We give a very succinct characterization of precisely when MTL and FO have the same expressive power which neatly generalizes several results in the area.

[1] For those that did not see the first talk there will be a brief recap of the results at the start of this talk.

Speaker bio

I started a PhD at Sydney University in Number Theory, but saw the light of Theoretical CS and came to do a PhD at the University of Cambridge in 2002. I shifted to a darker shade of blue and came to Oxford as a post-doc for 5 years, and in January moved to Brussels to work in the Méthodes Formelles et Vérification group at Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB).



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