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Systems Security

Within the software and systems security theme, academics and researchers from the group are investigating various aspects of security pertaining to industrial systems. The research efforts of the group have three main drivers: the practical application of new security technologies (such as Trusted Computing); exploring and addressing the security needs of emerging computing environments (with distributed healthcare research and delivery being a primary interest); and the investigation of new methods and tools for improving the design process of security and the usability of secure systems. As a result of the group's activities in this area, very strong links with major industrial partners (such as IBM, Hewlett Packard and QinetiQ) have been established; there is also strong interest in the commercial application of some of the group's outputs. Furthermore, the group has raised over £2M (in terms of project and studentship funding) over the past three years for work in this area. The group's strengths in the area of security has led the Software Engineering Programme to establish a part-time MSc in Software and Systems Security to supplement its offerings in the areas of Software Engineering and Object Technology.

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Past Members

Imad M. Abbadi
Ahmad Atamli
Martin Dehnel-Wild
Tulio de Souza
Shamal Faily
Nalin Asanka
Ronald Kainda
Justin King-Lacroix
Dr. Kubilay Ahmet Küçük (
(Consultant/Contractor at
Joe Loughry
John Lyle
Cornelius Namiluko
Andrew Paverd
David Power
Anbang Ruan
Douglas Russell
Clint Sieunarine
Mark Slaymaker
Martin Strohmeier
(Cyber-Defence Campus, armasuisse Science & Technology)
Wattana Viriyasitavat

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