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Computer Science

This is a three or four year course, leading either to a BA degree after three years, or a Masters degree (MCompSci) after four years. All students apply for the four-year course, and then decide at the start of third year whether they wish to continue to fourth year. In order to proceed into the fourth year (part C), students will need to achieve a 2:1 or higher classification at the end of their third year.

To find out more about each part of the course, click on the relevant links in the diagram below:

First year Core 1
Four exam papers
Second year Core 2
Eight exam papers
Third year Options
Six exam papers
+ project report
Fourth year
Advanced options
Five take-home exams or written papers
+ project report

(The percentages shown reflect the amount of time students will typically spend on each part of the course. In the exams, options and the projects are weighted more heavily than core material to reflect their more advanced nature.)

For information on the current course structure, please see this page.