FSCD Statement

We, the communities behind the RTA and TLCA conferences, present a new conference:

Formal Structures for Computation and Deduction (FSCD)

This conference not only combines our scope but further extends it to cover all the inter-related formal areas that researchers in formal structures for computation and deduction engage in. We believe that our field has evolved and developed richer connections with many both practical and theoretical aspects of computer science and logic research since the inception of RTA in 1983 and TLCA in 1993. In particular, the scopes of the two original conferences have widened to include a significant overlap, and in fact the conferences have already collaborated by having most of our meetings since 2003 as the joint RDP conference.

The name of the new conference comes from an unpublished but important book by Gérard Huet that was a strong influence on many researchers in our area. We are grateful to Gérard for allowing us to reuse the name.

The extended scope of the conference will include all research related to formal structures for computation and deduction, in particular all areas/categories included in a non-exhaustive list of topics linked below.

We look very much forward to serve the scientific community with this new conference, which inherits as well as updates and modernizes the scope of the conferences it replaces.

More information on the conference series available at fscd-conference.org.

FSCD is in-cooperation with ACM SIGLOG and ACM SIGPLAN. FSCD 2017 is supported by the British Logic Colloquium.

FSCD Conference Chair: Sam Staton. Workshop Chair: Jamie Vicary. first.last@cs.ox.ac.uk.