FSCD 2017 Local Information


FSCD 2017 and its associate events take place across 5 venues, all in the centre of Oxford: the Mathematical Institute, the Department of Computer Science, St Anne’s College, Exeter College, and the Jericho Tavern. Here's a small map that we'll give you when you register: [pdf]. This table shows which events take place in which venue.


Please note that parking in central Oxford is very difficult. Oxford is well connected by rail and by coach. The FSCD venues are all within walking distance of each other.

Wireless internet

Lunch and refreshments

These are supplied in all venues. Please see the programme for times. Workshops also have a light breakfast provided.

For the workshops, please eat lunch in the venue of the workshop that you registered for.

There are also plenty of places to eat and drink nearby on Little Clarendon St and Walton St. Natural Bread on Little Clarendon St has great coffee. Further afield, Cowley Road is a lively place in the evening.

The ICFP blog has further recommendations.

Name badges

Keep your name badge safe. It’s your ticket for everything, including lunch, the conference banquet (if registered for FSCD), and the workshop party (if chosen during registration).


If you have registered for the main FSCD conference, you may freely attend the main ICFP conference.


If you have registered for an FSCD workshop day, you may freely attend other FSCD workshops on the same day. (You may not attend ICFP workshops unless you have registered separately, because of fee differences.)

Local assistance

If you have a problem, please look out for a local helper with a blue name badge, or email one of the conference organizers: Karen Barnes (karen.barnes@cs.ox.ac.uk), Sam Staton (sam.staton@cs.ox.ac.uk) or Jamie Vicary (jamie.vicary@cs.ox.ac.uk).


FSCD Conference Chair: Sam Staton. Workshop Chair: Jamie Vicary. first.last@cs.ox.ac.uk.