FSCD 2017 Registration

Accommodation booking

You can book accommodation directly at universityrooms.com. There is also an ICFP accommodation application form, where you can apply for a code to make a reservation at the accommodation that we have reserved, but now that we are nearing the event it may be better to book directly. If you use the ICFP site, please give your email address rather than registration number when applying for accommodation.

Conference registration

Please register here for the main FSCD conference and its associated workshops.

If you encounter an error "Sorry your session has expired", please try turning off browser extensions, such as popup blockers and ad blockers. If you continue to encounter errors, please contact one of the organizers.

The registration fees are as follows.

Event Fee until midnight on Tues 8 August Fee after Tues 8 August
FSCD conference (member) £360 £440
FSCD conference (non-member) £400 £480
FSCD conference (student member) £240 £275
FSCD conference (student non-member) £288 £330
FSCD workshop (per day) £40 £60
Warning: Please try to register before Mon 28 August (UK time) because we need to give numbers to caterers. After that we cannot guarantee catering or the conference banquet.

Co-location. The FSCD main conference is co-located with the ICFP main conference. If you register for the FSCD main conference, you may freely attend the ICFP main conference. The registration fees for these conferences are the same. It is best to register for the event with which you are most closely affiliated, because lunches and dinners may be associated with individual events, and some of your registration fees will go to support invited speakers of your chosen event.

Workshops. If you would like to attend FSCD workshops, you must register separately for each day on which you plan to attend. If you would like to attend more than one workshop on the same day, just register for the workshop on that day with which you feel most closely affiliated. You don't need to purchase tickets for more than one workshop on the same day, and will be free to move between events. Everybody who wants to attend a workshop must register, including workshop organizers and invited speakers. If you are an invited speaker, you may be able to claim your registration fee back after the event; please contact your workshop organizer.

Regretfully, the FSCD workshops are not co-located with the ICFP workshops. If you register for FSCD workshops, you are not permitted to attend ICFP workshops. If you would like to attend ICFP workshops you should register separately for this on the ICFP website.

Discounts for members of ACM and BLC. Members of the ACM, of SIGLOG/SIGPLAN, and of the BLC (British Logic Colloquium) are eligible for discounts on their registration fees for the FSCD main conference. You can join the ACM here ($99/$19), SIGLOG/SIGPLAN here ($25/$15) and join the BLC here (£10). Note that the registration discount may be greater than the membership fee.

Dinners and parties. There will be an FSCD dinner at Exeter College on Tuesday 5 September; a ticket for this is included in the registration fee for the main conference. There will be an FSCD workshop party at 7pm on Thursday 7 September; a ticket for this is not included in a workshop registration by default, and must be purchased separately during registration. Tickets are £8 and include a free drink and snacks.

(There will be an ICFP banquet on Wednesday 8 September, but tickets for this are not included in the registration fee for FSCD.)

Mobility. Please contact the organizers if you have mobility requirements and would like to attend the Workshop on Higher-Dimensional Rewriting and Applications or the Workshop on String Diagrams in Computation, Logic, and Physics.

Student funding

We hope to be able to provide some scholarships to cover the costs of accommodation, travel, and registration fees for FSCD, the FSCD workshops, and the PLMW workshop. To apply for a scholarship, please contact Ohad Kammar (ohad dot kammar at cs dot ox dot ac dot uk) with the following information:

FSCD Conference Chair: Sam Staton. Workshop Chair: Jamie Vicary. first.last@cs.ox.ac.uk.