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Our Students - Disability

The University, including its Departments and Colleges, have a framework for supporting students with disabilities. The University’s Disability Advisory Service are able to discuss support and access requirements with students (About the Disability Advisory Service | University of Oxford), and further information on disability support and resources is available through the University’s website (Disability | University of Oxford). If you already have, or develop during the course of your studies, a long-term condition which has an impact on your day-to-day activities, then you might be eligible for reasonable adjustments to enable you to undertake your course. The legal definition of disability is broad, and can include mental health conditions, sensory or mobility impairment, chronic illnesses, specific learning difficulties, or a social/communication difficulty such as Autism Spectrum Condition.

Each Department and College has a designated disability contact. For the Department of Computer Science the disability contact is Rachel Breward. Students who have any questions or issues related to student disability are welcome to contact Rachel. If the issues relate to another Department or a College, the relevant disability contacts can be found here.

Prospective applicants who have questions about disability provision for students on course can also contact Rachel, or the Disability Advisory Service. Students are also encouraged to contact the colleges they are applying to discuss disability provision. Further information can be found here and via the Disability Advisory Service.

For accessibility information please see the University's access guide.