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The Alan Turing Institute announces ‘strategic partnership’ with Intel


At a launch event at the British Museum it was announced that an exciting collaboration between The Alan Turing Institute and Intel will see researchers from both organisations working alongside co-funded research fellows and software engineers.

Intel will dedicate a hardware architecture team which will apply algorithms developed by the Alan Turing Institute to the design of Intel’s future generations of microprocessors.

Professor Andrew Blake, director of The Alan Turing Institute, said, ‘Intel is a global leader in computing innovation and I am delighted that it has become a strategic partner. This is a great development for the Institute and for data science globally.

Alan Turing was one of the first people to build an electronic computer. The partnership with Intel means that, true to his legacy, the Institute named after him will be contributing to the design of future generations of computers.

The goal of The Alan Turing Institute is to drive scientific and technological discoveries in the use of big data and algorithms, which will create new business opportunities, and accelerate solutions to global challenges. We have, today, taken a significant step towards that goal.’