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14 Oxford Papers for AAAI-2016


We are proud that fourteen Oxford papers have been accepted to the 30th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-16). AAAI is the premier international conference for artificial intelligence research; in 2016 it accepted a total of 549 papers out of 2132 submissions.  

The conference will be held in Phoenix, Arizona (USA) on February 12-17, 2016, see for more information.

In 2015 and 2014, Oxford had 12 and 8 papers in AAAI, respectively.


The list of papers is included below.


Model Checking Probabilistic Knowledge: A PSPACE Case

Xiaowei Huang and Marta Kwiatkowska


Basic Probabilistic Ontological Data Exchange with Existential Rules

Thomas Lukasiewicz‚ Maria Vanina Martinez‚ Livia Predoiu and Gerardo I. Simari


On the Complexity of mCP−Nets

Thomas Lukasiewicz and Enrico Malizia


Rational Verification: From Model Checking to Equilibrium Checking

Michael Wooldridge, Julian Gutierrez, Paul Harrenstein, Enrico Marchioni, and Alexis Toumi


Logical Foundations of Privacy-Preserving Publishing of Linked Data

Bernardo Cuenca Grau and Egor V. Kostylev


Price of Pareto Optimality in Hedonic Games

Edith Elkind, Angelo Fanelli, Michele Flammini


Preferences Single-Peaked on Nice Trees

Dominik Peters, Edith Elkind


Hedonic Games of Bounded Treewidth

Dominik Peters


Computational Complexity of Hedonic Games with Dichotomous Preferences

Dominik Peters


Strengthening Agents Strategic Ability via Communication

Xiaowei Huang, Qingliang Chen, and Kaile Su


Rules for Choosing Societal Tradeoffs

Vincent Conitzer, Rupert Freeman, Markus Brill, and Yuqian Li


Computing Possible and Necessary Equilibrium Actions (and Bipartisan Set Winners)

Markus Brill, Rupert Freeman, and Vincent Conitzer


Using the Shapley Value to Analyze Algorithm Portfolios

Alexandre Fréchette, Lars Kotthoff, Talal Rahwan, Tomasz P. Michalak, Holger Hoos, Kevin Leyton-Brown


Closeness Centrality for Networks with Overlapping Community Structure

Mateusz Tarkowski, Piotr Szczepanski, Talal Rahwan, Tomasz P. Michalak, Michael Wooldridge