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Professor Bill Roscoe wins MPLS lifetime award


Professor Bill Roscoe has been given a lifetime award by the Oxford University Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division for external engagement and promoting impact.

Professor Roscoe has been recognised for his pioneering work applying formal verification tools in industry since the late 1980s, including the invention of the ‘FDR’ verification software tool.
 FDR has been used by many companies over the years, including IBM, DRA/QinetiQ, Praxis, Draper Labs, the NSA, AWRE, and Verum. He has also been active in generating impact in the field of computer security. He says of his award, 'It has been wonderful to see so many real-world users of what originally seemed like theoretical research.  Furthermore, interaction with these users has been a regular source of inspiration for my research: a real virtuous circle!'

The awards will formally be given to the winners by the Head of MPLS Professor Donal Bradley, at the Division's Winter Party on 29 February 2016.