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Valuable Artefacts Prize winners announced


The winners of the 2015 Valuable Artifacts Prize are Benoit Barbot, Alexandru Mereacre, Nicola Paoletti & Andrea Patane. The aim of this prize is to identify great items or ‘artifacts' that could be developed further. Some examples that fit the definition include (but are not limited to) a design; working code; documentation; algorithm or test specification.

The winning project was HeartVerify, which is a plug-and-play framework for the analysis and verification of pacemaker software and personalised heart models. Its compatibility with MATLAB Stateflow and extensibility facilitates applications in other domains.  The winners collected a cheque for £500 and a trophy in a prize-giving ceremony on Friday 18 December. The Valuable Artifacts scheme is sponsored by one of our entrepreneurial alumni, Dr Steve Moyle.