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Returning to work with a Returning Carer's Award


Ana Minchole is a Postdoctoral Researcher working in the Computational Biology research team. Ana was the recipient of a University Returning Carer’s Award. These awards operate as a small grants scheme intended to support the return to research of women and men who have taken a break of at least six months for caring responsibilities.

Ana’s research interests include cardiac modelling and simulation and signal processing.  The aim is to provide selective biomarkers from the electrocardiograph signal which will help to predict cardiac arrhythmias occurring either due to drugs or pathological conditions. Cardiac modelling provides a unique tool to understand the specific ionic mechanisms of each disease condition and simulate how these mechanisms are reflected on an electrocardiogram.

Ana says, ‘This award has helped me to re establish my research by funding two stays in the Department of Experimental Cardiology at the University of Amsterdam, which possesses a large set of clinical and experimental data that will allow me to connect the knowledge and data from the ionic level to whole organ and body surface ECG.’