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Paper to be published in 'Optica'


Research Assistant Nathan Walk has had a paper published in The Optical Society’s high impact journal, Optica. Nathan co-authored the paper, which is titled ‘Experimental demonstration of Gaussian protocols for one-sided device-independent quantum key distribution.’  

Daniel Gauthier, associate editor for Optica and Ohio State University Professor comments that, ‘Walk et al. explore a class of methods for sharing information between a secure hub and a collection of less secure outlying nodes, where the information is secured by the fundamental properties of quantum mechanics. There are several aspects of this study that are important, including the fact that they compare several different protocols under similar circumstances so that accurate comparisons can be made. Most interesting to me is that one of the protocols uses so-called weak coherent states, which can be realized simply using a highly attenuated laser beam.’

Read the paper online here: