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Best Student Paper Award at DNA22


Max Whitby, first year DPhil student, won the Best Student Paper Award at the DNA22 conference for the paper entitled 'Chemical Reaction Network Designs for Asynchronous Logic Circuits'.

Max is supervised by Professor Marta Kwiatkowska and co-authored the paper with his supervisor and Professor Luca Cardelli, who holds the Royal Society Research Professorship in the department. The paper proposed the first design for an asynchronous computing device using Chemical Reaction Networks and can be found here 

DNA22 is the 22nd International Conference in DNA Computing and Molecular Programming, a field that draws together mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, and nanotechnology to address the analysis, design, and synthesis of information-based molecular systems. This is the premier forum for scientists with diverse backgrounds to come together with the common purpose of advancing the engineering and science of biology and chemistry from the point of view of computer science, physics, and mathematics.