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Oxford University Software Engineering presents workshop at SPLASH 2016


Oxford University Software Engineering presents workshop at SPLASH 2016 to highlight recent advances in Semantically-Aware Model Driven Engineering on the ALIGNED project.

Members of the Software Engineering group will be presenting a full-day workshop on Semantically-Aware Model Driven Engineering (SA-MDE) at SPLASH 2016. The workshop showcases tools and techniques developed in Oxford for the EU-funded project ALIGNED: Quality-Centric Software and Data Engineering, and will be held on the 31st of October in Amsterdam.

The SPLASH conference, held annually October in various cities around the world, is a premier venue for programming, languages, and software engineering. The SA-MDE workshop highlights progress on the ALIGNED Horizon 2020 funded project for quality-centric, software and data engineering. ALIGNED integrates research expertise of Computer Scientists from Oxford, Dublin and Leipzig with a broad range of data intensive applications; from archaeology and anthropology to jurisprudence and encyclopaedic data management.

The ALIGNED project addresses the need for tools to automate the management and processing of data by bringing together research on software engineering, data engineering and big data. The project develops data-intensive tools to support combined data and software engineering.

Software that is both high-quality and customised for a specific domain is not only challenging to develop but users of data-intensive systems require on-going adaptations for the software to remain useful. Automating data gathering, quality and analysis for these users is essential to extract maximum value from the data. Developing and adapting software is a costly, time-consuming, and error-prone process, especially when the requirements are made fluid by changes to data, policy, and processes. Users must decide between the disruption and expense of modification to the software and continuing with an ineffective data processing pipeline.

The Oxford team have been exploring how the rich data-domain schemas can be used to automatically derive high-quality software. This will lead to cost and overhead reduction in the development of tailor-made data management systems. The workshop involves talks and a series of interactive sessions on the Booster and Model Catalogue tools. These tools form part of the data and schema-aware software generation pipeline. Participants will have a chance to try out the tools first hand, to generate their own data-intensive systems. The workshop is organised by Professor Jeremy Gibbons in Oxford, Dr Rob Brennan from TCD, and Christian Dirschl from Wolters Kluwer, Germany.

The Oxford team is developing and validating a new approach to combined software and data engineering for ALIGNED which will greatly reduce the cost of development, and increase agility of software development to create measurable competitive advantage.



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