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Saudi students attend cyber security forum


Last week the Engineering and Computer Science Committee in the Scientific Society for Saudi Students in the United Kingdom (SSSSUK) hosted a cyber security forum in collaboration with Cyber Security Oxford. The goal of this forum was to discuss some critical issues in the field from legal, social and technical perspectives. The forum also provided Saudi students with a platform for networking, exchange of knowledge and exploring the emerging trends and research directions in this field. The forum focussed on three core themes:

'National and international security and governance', to explore some crucial issues in politics, international relations, defence, policy and governance issues.

'Human aspects of cyber security', to explore important aspects that pertain to attitudes, perceptions and behaviour of people in order to understand how human beings interact with and contribute to the (in)security of systems.

And 'Secure systems and technology', to explore appropriate and effective approaches for building secure technologies; in particular, trusted platforms, wireless security, and mobile security.