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Quantum computing research project NQit reaches half-way point


NQit has just released its second annual report, marking the halfway point through the project’s five-year programme.

NQit is a research consortium covering a number of different academic institutions and industry partners. Department of Computer Science academics involved in the project include Samson Abramsky, Jonathan Barrett, Marina Jirotka, Niel de Beaudrap, Matty Hoban, Nathan Walk and Philip Inglesant.

The first two years have seen the consortium focus its efforts towards refining the overall system architecture and design to deliver the Q20:20 quantum computer demonstrator. Significant advances have been made in both system and engineering design, with benchmarks achieved in the underpinning core technologies, reaching new performance levels in trapped ion logic gates and quantum photonic networks, as well as delivering new quantum science in diamond defects and superconducting circuits.

The full report is available to read here: