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BBC interviews Jamie Vicary for quantum internet feature


The BBC has published a feature article describing the potential of quantum computing to transform the internet, with comments from Senior Research Fellow Jamie Vicary.

The article gives an overview of quantum computing and how it could speed up the internet, and then looks at work being conducted in the area. It describes how the University of Oxford and the University of Maryland are building quantum computers that function similarly to a network.

Jamie is quoted as saying: ‘We want to make them small so they can be well-protected from decoherence, but if they're small then they can't hold many qubits. If we connect the nodes up in a network, then we can still have a quantum computer without being limited by the number of qubits, while still protecting the nodes.’

Jamie has been at Oxford since 2009, and is about to start a 5-year research project on new mathematical foundations for quantum structures, funded by the Royal Society.

The BBC article is at: