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Programmers show off their teamworking skills


Oxford entered nine teams of students in UKIEPC, a contest testing programming skills, problem solving and teamwork. Our Computer Science ‘Tractor_Specialists team came third out of the 190 teams.

UKIEPC is effectively a first round competition held in the UK and Ireland to help universities to choose which teams to send to the Northwestern Europe European Regional Contest of the international ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.

In the contest, teams of up to three students try to solve as many programming problems as possible from a given problem set, using only one computer.

Below are the teams, their Computer Science members, and where they ranked in UKIEPC.

The full leaderboard can also be viewed at

Tractor_Specialists - rank 3

Constantinescu Andrei-Costin Chichirim, George Nakajima, Tamio-Vesa

The Assemblers - rank 7

Cleland Nathaniel, Aydin Yunus, Feng Leo

The Hen - rank 16

Kocbek Amadej Kristjan, Kocijan Vid, Denkovski Mihail

Hack to the future - rank 24

Strimbu Alexandru, Radoi Andrei-Alexandru, Bitinas Zigmas

Catz CS Society - rank 26

Szwarc Wojtek, Lee Sauyon, Jianu Mihail

Catz CS Society (4) - rank 36

Tataru Calin, Bescuca Marilena, Debjit Mandal

Catz CS Society (5) - rank 49

Smailes Joshua, Wall Alexander, Chen Xinyun

Catz CS Society (3) - rank 52

Golub Milos, Slincu Serban Stefan, Manciu Alexandra

Catz CS Society (2) - rank 94

Dimitrov Ivan, Manolov Ilia, Draghici Andrei