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Five of our papers accepted to POPL 2018 and the ACM’s PACMPL


Members of our Department have co-authored five papers that have been accepted by the top conference in programming languages, The ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages (POPL). It is a highly competitive event, which will take place next January in Los Angeles.

The POPL 2018 papers written by our department members and their co-authors will also be published in the new ACM journal, Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages (PACMPL). PACMPL journal papers (26 pages, excluding references), undergo two rounds of review. In addition, papers that pass the (optional) Artifact Evaluation process receive a seal of approval.

More information about POPL:

The papers and their authors are listed below (* = members of our department at the time of paper submission):

  • Denotational validation of higher-order Bayesian inference by Adam Ścibior, Ohad Kammar*, Matthijs Vakar*, Sam Staton*, Hongseok YANG*, Yufei Cai, Klaus Ostermann, Sean Moss*, Chris Heunen and Zoubin Ghahramani
  • Higher-Order Constrained Horn Clauses for Verification by Toby Cathcart Burn*, C.-H. Luke Ong* and Steven Ramsay*
  • Linearity in Higher-Order Recursion Schemes by Pierre Clairambault, Charles Grellois and Andrzej Murawski*
  • String Constraints with Concatenation and Transducers Solved Efficiently by Lukas Holik, Anthony Widjaja Lin*, Petr Janku, Philipp Ruemmer and Tomas Vojnar
  • What's Decidable About String Constraints with ReplaceAll Function? by Taolue Chen, Yan Chen, Matthew Hague, Anthony Widjaja Lin* and Zhilin Wu