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Jason R.C. Nurse gives cyber security advice in Marie Claire


A Marie Claire article about the potential risks from voice-activated smart speakers quotes the views of our Research Fellow Jason R.C. Nurse.

In the article, Jason explores some of the most salient dangers of smart speakers today, including those linked to accidental and intentional initiation. For instance, the reality that speakers may accidentally act on directions from a TV broadcast, which could lead to the system buying unwanted goods, or in some extreme cases, external parties even controlling house appliances (for example, switching an oven on) which are attached to a voice assistant.

The article also touches on how recordings from smart speakers are often saved longer than users may be aware, the fear that hackers could tamper with devices, and the concern that some companies could use speakers to collect data for marketing purposes. Jason does, however, comment that he doubts that (most) tech companies would risk snooping on conversations to gain advertising intelligence.

In the second part of the article, Jason gives tips on keeping cyber safe whilst away from home (for example on holiday). The second part is free to read at: 

The main article is behind a paywall at: