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Paula Boddington in print on code of ethics


A new book on the code of ethics by Senior Researcher Paula Boddington has just been published.

‘Towards a Code of Ethics for Artificial Intelligence’ investigates how to produce realistic and workable ethical codes or regulations in this rapidly developing field to address the immediate and realistic longer-term issues facing us.

Paula spells out the key ethical debates concisely, exposing all sides of the arguments, and addresses how codes of ethics or other regulations might feasibly be developed, looking for pitfalls and opportunities, drawing on lessons learned in other fields, and explaining key points of professional ethics.

Paula wrote the book while working on a project ‘Towards a Code of Ethics for Artificial Intelligence Research’, with Oxford Professors Mike Wooldridge and Peter Millican. Funding for the project was generously provided by the Future of Life Institute.

Paula was recently interviewed by Five Books about the five best books in AI:

The hard copy of the book, published by Springer, is on sale at: