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Mike Wooldridge wins the 2018 IFAAMAS Influential Paper Award


Head of Department, Professor Mike Wooldridge,  has won the 2018 IFAAMAS Influential Paper Award, which seeks to recognize publications that have made influential and long-lasting contributions to the field of autonomous agents and multiagent systems. He was recognised for the following two papers by the International Foundation for Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems:

* Michael Wooldridge, Nicholas R. Jennings, and David Kinny, The Gaia Methodology for Agent-Oriented Analysis and Design, JAAMAS, 3(3):285--312, 2000.

* Franco Zambonelli, Nicholas R. Jennings, and Michael Wooldridge, Developing Multiagent Systems: The Gaia Methodology, ACM Transactions on Software Engineering Methodology, 12(3):317--370, 2003.

which together have 4270 citations in Google scholar

More information about the award and past recipients is available at: