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Three winners at the Student-Led Teaching Awards


The quality of the department’s teaching and support staff was recognised at the Student-Led Teaching Awards on 10 May. Our department had three winners – Maureen York, Andrew Ker and Professor Ian Horrocks – in the awards, which are based on student nominations from across the University.

Maureen was a winner in the category for the best member of support staff. She is the lead administrator in the Cyber Security Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) and assisted in its set up in 2012/13. She has worked in the University since 1994. Ian won in the Most Acclaimed Lecturer category.

Ian won in the Most Acclaimed Lecturer category. Ian has been working in the area of knowledge representation and reasoning (KRR) for more than 20 years, and leads the department’s KRR research group. He has been teaching computational complexity in the department for several years, and this year taught a course on knowledge representation and reasoning, which is partly based on his recent book ‘An Introduction to Description Logic’.

Andrew was a winner in the Outstanding Tutor category. He has been an associate professor in the department since 2009, lecturing on steganography and steganalysis in a course called advanced security, as well as computer security, discrete mathematics, and lambda calculus and types. He has also been a Tutorial Fellow in Computer Science at University College since 2009.

Two other members of the department - Andreas Galanis and Irina Voiculescu - were also nominated for the Outstanding Tutor category. Another two - Professors Cas Cremers and Andrew Martin - were nominated for Outstanding Graduate Supervisor.

Cas’ research focuses on information security, and he currently supervises six DPhil students. He has been at Oxford since 2013, and is a fellow of Kellogg College.

Andrew Martin directs the CDT in Cyber Security, and supervises DPhil students there. He has been with the department since 1999, and is also a Governing Body Fellow at Kellogg College.

Postdoctoral researcher Andreas teaches the Probability and Algorithms courses at Hertford College.

Senior Lecturer Irina has been in the department since 1999, specialising in 3D Geometric Modelling, and is a Stipendiary Lecturer at Keble College where she tutors first and second year students.

The winners of the awards were announced at a ceremony in Oxford Town Hall on 10 May.

The full list of winners is at: