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Cyber security and virtual humans in Cheltenham line-up


The department’s Professor Sadie Creese and Ana Mincholé will be at the Cheltenham Science Festival in June, discussing cyber attacks on critical infrastructure, and a project to build a virtual human respectively.

Sadie will be on stage on 7 June with international security expert Beyza Unal in a slot entitled 'Is Cyber War The New Cold War'?. They will talk about the catastrophic effects that would result from an attack on a nation’s critical infrastructure, and explore how experts are working to defend against hostile actors in the virtual world.

On 9 June, Ana will take part in the 'Building a Virtual Human' talk with Science Museum’s Roger Highfield and other members of the European CompBioMed project. This collaboration is aiming to build computer models for the whole body. The initiative is bridging the fields of human biology, chemistry and computational science to pioneer this technology.