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COMLAB RESEARCH IN THE NEWS: SEALS project (Oxford PI: Ian Horrocks)


A new research infrastructure focused in the evaluation of semantic technologies will be developed inside the SEALS (Semantic Evaluation At Large Scale) project, with European funding. This infrastructure, developed jointly by the UPM's School of Computing and other nine European universities, will provide evaluation services for different types of semantic technologies. Semantic technologies are at the heart of the future web and are a cornerstone in current computer science. These technologies support the construction of intelligent applications in different domains: business, education, e-government, tourism, healthcare, etc. More specifically, these technologies support information search, integration and interchange by enhancing the meaning of such information. However, semantic technologies must be efficient and robust to support their current and future use in a continuously changing environment where the information available in the Web is exponentially growing. Read more... Source: AlphaGalileo, 23/11/09