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FLoC 2018 - All good things come to an end


The 7th Federated Logic Conference (FLoC 2018) has now reached its conclusion, with a total of 1,986 people registered for this event over the course of the two week period. FLoC has been a huge undertaking from the department, and so many people have contributed to its success. On what has been one of the warmest UK summers, we have had so many wonderful comments from attendees. This has included:

‘FLoC has been excellent again. Many interesting and inspiring talks’

Dr Marijn Heule (The University of Texas at Austin)


‘It's been really exciting being here, meeting so many elite researchers in my field and interacting with fellow graduate researchers!’

Shromona Ghosh (UC Berkley)


‘For me as a 4 months PhD student it is is amazing to know how many people are working on the same problem as I do and it is great to know their approach!’

Simin Oraee (MPI for Software Systems)


‘It was an unforgettable experience in FLoC 2018’

Jinxu Zhao, University of Hong Kong


‘Thank you very much for the great FLoC 2018 organisation’

Antoine Miné, Sorbonne Université


We should especially like to thank:


  • the speakers, especially keynote, plenary, public event and Summit speakers and panellists


  • conference and workshop invited speakers


  • our sponsors


  • FLoC Steering Committee


  • FLoC Programme Committee Chairs


  • FLoC Programme and Organising Committees


  • FLoC Workshops Committee and Workshop Organisers


  • FLoC Local Organising Committee


  • FOPSS summer school organisers


  • the Department of Computer Science at Oxford


  • our army of nearly 200 volunteers all of whom gave up there time to making FLoC a success


  • Easychair



FLoC was a mega undertaking, and it would not have been possible without community engagement and support.

The next FLoC will take place in 2022.


A number of FLoC recordings are available online, please visit our FLoC YouTube channel here: