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Teaching AI new skills with Hanabi


The Department of Computer Science’s Jakob Foerster is co-author on a new paper which argues that the card game Hanabi is the next great challenge for our AI agents.

Jakob worked as part of a team with researchers at DeepMind and Google Brain on ‘The Hanabi Challenge: A New Frontier for AI Research’. Hanabi requires ‘theory of mind’ – which is about understanding the mental states of others – just the sort of skill that humans learn as children but is far more difficult to teach AI.

Speaking to Digital Trends, Jakob comments, ‘As a researcher, I have been fascinated by how A.I. agents can learn to communicate and cooperate with each other and ultimately also humans. Hanabi presents a unique opportunity for a grand challenge in this area, since it requires the players to reason over the intent, beliefs, and point of view of other players…’

Read more about the research here: