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LICS Symposium success


The LICS (Logic In Computer Science) Symposium is an annual international forum on theoretical and practical topics in computer science that relate to logic in a broad sense.

Out of 60 accepted papers at LICS this year, 11 are co-authored by members of the Department of Computer Science. Of these, 6 are co-authored by quantum group members and 2 further papers have been accepted on the ZX calculus, which was first developed here in Oxford.

The papers are:

Maaike Zwart and Dan Marsden.

No-Go Theorems for Distributive Laws


C.-H. Luke Ong and Dominik Wagner.

HoCHC: A Refutationally Complete and Semantically Invariant System of Higher-order Logic Modulo Theories


Nicola Pinzani, Stefano Gogioso and Bob Coecke.

Categorical Semantics for Time Travel


Clément Carbonnel, Miguel Romero and Stanislav Živný.

Point-width and Max-CSPs


Filippo Bonchi, Robin Piedeleu, Pawel Sobocinski and Fabio Zanasi.

Graphical Affine Algebra


Florent Guépin, Christoph Haase and James Worrell.

On the Existential Theories of Büchi Arithmetic and Linear p-adic Fields


Samson Abramsky, Rui Soares Barbosa, Martti Karvonen and Shane Mansfield.

A comonadic view of simulation and quantum resources


Mathieu Huot and Sam Staton.

Quantum channels as a categorical completion


David Reutter and Jamie Vicary.

High-level methods for homotopy construction in associative n-categories


Yuichi Komorida, Shin-Ya Katsumata, Nick Hu, Bartek Klin and Ichiro Hasuo.

Codensity Games for Bisimilarity


Christoph Haase and Georg Zetzsche.

Presburger arithmetic with stars, rational subsets of graph groups, and nested zero tests