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First-year student team reach World Final of International Collegiate Programming Contest


The International Collegiate Programming Contest, known as the ICPC, is an annual multi-tiered competitive programming competition among the universities of the world. In the contest, teams of up to three students had to try and solve as many programming problems as possible from a given problem set, using only one computer. The goal of each participating team is to solve as many problems as possible within the five-hour time limit. Potential solutions are submitted and corrected by an automated judging system.  

The ICPC operates regional contests covering six continents culminating in a global World Finals every year. In 2018, ICPC participation included 52,709 students from 3,233 universities in 110 countries.

Following a gold medal in the Northwestern European Regional Contest (NWERC), an Oxford team, Los Patrons qualified
to the World Finals, held in Porto, Portugal in April 2019. 

The team, consisting of 

Costin-Andrei Oncescu – St John’s College
Stefan Constantin-Buliga – Balliol College
Alex Tatomir – Jesus College
Coach: George Chichirim – Keble College

achieved 16th place out of 100+ teams.

The full scoreboard can be found here:

This is an impressive result for a team of first-year students!