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ERC Starting Grant awarded to Christoph Haase


Departmental Lecturer Christoph Haase is one of four hundred and eight early-career researchers who have been awarded European Research Council grants in this year’s first completed ERC call for proposals. The grants, worth in total €621 million, are part of the EU’s Research and Innovation programme, Horizon 2020. The total value of Christoph’s award is 1.5m Euros over five years.

The ERC Starting Grants are part of the main ERC frontier research grants, which aim to empower individual researchers and provide the best settings to foster their creativity. Scientific excellence is the sole criterion of evaluation.    

The title of Christoph’s grant is ‘Advanced Reasoning in Arithmetic Theories’. Arithmetic theories are logical theories for reasoning about number systems, such as the integers and reals. Such theories find a plethora of applications across computer science, including in algorithmic verification, artificial intelligence, and compiler optimisation.    

The overall goal of his project is to advance the state-of-the-art in decision procedures for expressive arithmetic theories and thereby to lay algorithmic foundations on which next-generation decision procedures and reasoners for arithmetic theories will be built. This will require tackling long-standing open problems – some of them being decades old.