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MIT Technology Review names Yarin Gal on their Innovators Under 35 Europe 2019 list


Since 1999, MIT Technology Review has recognised young innovators and talented entrepreneurs from different countries who are developing new technologies to help solve the problems that affect our society. These bright young men and women, aged between 24 and 34 years old, have become Innovators Under 35 Europe 2019 after being selected by a judging committee of 116 specialists, from a pool of more than 1,000 candidates. The objective is to reward innovation – the development of new technologies or the creative application of existing ones – to solve current problems, ingenuity and advances on issues of global concern. Yarin has been included in the ‘pioneers’ category, because according to the citation ‘AI still makes mistakes, but his tools can alert us when a system is about to go wrong.’

The winners offer a broad picture of how technology is evolving, as their projects cover different industries: Biotechnology & Medicine, Nanotechnology & Materials, Software, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Computer & Electronics Hardware, Internet & Web, Transportation and Telecommunications. The category with the most laureates this year has been that of Biotechnology & Medicine; 19 of this year’s winners work in such fields, while Artificial Intelligence and Robotics has come in as the second category with 6 winners developing projects related to those topics. More that 75% of this year’s laureates have already founded a start-up in the aim of transferring their value propositions to the market and generate a positive impact on society as a whole.