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Clare Lyle named as Open Phil AI Fellow


Clare Lyle, a DPhil student at the Department, has been named as one of the recipients of the prestigious Open Phil AI Fellowship 2020.

The Open Phil AI Fellowship is awarding approximately $2,300,000 over five years in PhD fellowship support to 10 promising machine learning researchers around the world. Clare is the only recipient of this award who is studying at a university in the UK.

Clare is pursuing her DPhil in Computer Science here as a Rhodes Scholar, advised by Yarin Gal and Marta Kwiatkowska. She is interested in developing theoretical tools to better understand the generalization properties of modern ML methods, and in creating principled algorithms based on these insights. 

The students chosen to be 2020 fellows were selected from more than 380 applicants for their academic excellence, technical knowledge, careful reasoning, and interest in making the long-term, large-scale impacts of AI a central focus of their research. 

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