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Increasing the effectiveness of limited testing resources in developing countries


Testing resources for COVID-19 are severely constrained, especially in low to medium income countries. In light of this reality, testing and containment policies that maximise the benefit from each available test are needed. Edwin Lock, Francisco Marmolejo-Cossio and Ninad Rajgopal from the Department of Computer Science have been involved in an interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers at the University of Oxford and in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, on how to optimise the use of limited COVID-19 testing budgets. The team was awarded a 2020 ACM Global Challenges in Economics and Computation grant to support the practical implementation of resource-efficient testing procedures in San Luis Potosí.


More information about the research:


A 1-minute video explaining the mechanism:


Here is the full team:


     Jakob Jonnerby (DPhil Physics Oxford)

     Edwin Lock (DPhil CS Oxford)

     Dr Francisco Marmolejo-Cossío (Career Development Fellow at Balliol, CS Oxford)

     Divya Sridhar (Oxford Zoology)



     Ninad Rajgopal (DPhil CS Oxford)

     Prof Christopher Ramsey (Oxford Archaeology)

     Philip Lazos (Postdoc at Sapienza Rome, formerly DPhil CS Oxford)