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Ian Horrocks wins Skolem Test of Time award for paper


Professor Ian Horrocks has won the CADE (Conference on Automated Deduction) Skolem Award for ‘a CADE paper that has Passed the Test of Time, by being a Most Influential Paper in the field’. The award was in respect of the paper: Ian Horrocks, Ulrike Sattler, and Stephan Tobies. Reasoning with Individuals for the Description Logic SHIQ. *

In 2014 CADE Inc. established the Thoralf Skolem Award to reward a CADE paper that has passed the test of time, by being a most influential paper in the field. Beginning with CADE-25 (2015), at every CADE the Skolem Award Committee selects a paper presented at the CADE held 10 years earlier to receive the Skolem award.

The award citation stated that, ‘The paper is recognised for a practical and efficient tableau-based decision procedure for satisfiability in an expressive description logic that has wide applicability in knowledge representation, databases, and the semantic web.’

The paper was originally published at CADE-17 (2000) and the award was presented at the latest iteration of the conference, CADE-28, which took place this week.  


*In David McAllester, editor, Proc. of the 17th Int. Conf. on Automated Deduction (CADE 2000), volume 1831 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 482-496. Springer, 2000.