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Update on Blanca's group activities


Congratulations are in order as we've received lots of good news recently:
- Ramon, Xiao, Raf, Phil, John, Alberto, Miguel and Mikael all got papers accepted for presentation at the IEEE/EMBC in Buenos Aires in September. And with good reviews too.

- Xiao, Carlos Sanchez and Ivan Cenci (the last two now in sunnier places) will present their work in oral presentations in Computing in Cardiology (Belfast, September). Blanca will also give a plenary on computational modelling in cardiac safety.

A list of all publications with all authors involved can be found elow and if you'd like to read any of them, email the author or Blanca will be happy to send them to you too.

In addition, Miguel was an invited speaker at the International Supercomputing Conference.
Blanca also gave a keynote lecture at the International Congress on Electrocardiology and at the Institut de Medecine Theorique in Lyon.